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Magazines losing circulation is no longer news. They can’t think of cover price increase is a reality. Advertisers no longer consider magazines as an integral part of their campaign. And digital content monetisation has not been easy. Magazines must seek fresher perspectives. The argument that goes against magazines is simple. We are living in a… Read More »


Missing the ‘TIP’ of a Tipping Point

The annual Pitch Madison Advertising Report is out and quite a few faces in media are smiling. It is a sunny forecast. Words people were waiting to hear. The euphoria is evident. The trust exists in the forecast. Like earlier PMARs, the industry is sure 2016 report will continue to accurate and directional. Then what… Read More »

Only Print Publishers can evangelise the medium.

Tweet         Follow @s_kotnala The annual two-day INMA South Asia Conference commences in Delhi today. Like every year, delegates will join in, expecting to learn something new. However, by the evening, the corridor talks will as usual move towards mistrust and collective inertia in Print. The adventurous ones will start eulogising digital and… Read More »

No Paid News may haunt Print in Bihar Election

Tweet   Follow @S_kotnala The Narendra Modi-led government came to power riding social media as well as radio, television and digital media wave. Now, the newspaper industry no longer sees the announcement of elections as harbinger of ‘Acche Din‘. In the recent past, the very idea of election campaigning and the power of print have been… Read More »

Darwinian Evolution in Advertising

Tweet      Follow @s_kotnala Darwin’s Theory explains the evolution of living beings. It hints that we tend to discard and lose control of a skill or expertise if We rarely use it We are conditioned to think that it is of no use We find better alternatives Similarly, on the other end, we evolve, create,… Read More »

9 things helping Print in India

Tweet     Follow @s_kotnala Here is the good news for print that Sam Balsara presented at the recent Pitch Madison media projection. 1. Print is the largest media with some 42% plus overall share. 2. Difference between TV and Print has widened. 3. The growth in digital has come at the cost of TV more… Read More »

Blame it on the Publisher for decreasing Press Advertising

The acid test of newspaper advertising is really Dhanteras, the festival where the one-has-to-buy mentality supersedes every economic parameter and pocket size. When retail, regional and corporate clients fight to fill up the prime sqcm in the leading newspapers. A period when the print salesperson feels a bit more wanted and in demand, a time… Read More »

Is the innovation in print dead?

The passionate print guy in me waited through the Navratra for some surprise. I have not seen, heard or read about any Innovation in Print for sometime. Print has moved from Basic innovations: Size, Shape, Position, stapling, sticking and false cover etc., no longer innovations to Technology-based innovations: Gatefold, Double gat fold, Central gatefold, Outer fold, Inner… Read More »