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News Media. Credibility At Risk.

There is not much to substantiate, but I fear news media credibility in the second most trusted nation* has taken a beating. It may be just at the edge ready to give politicians a run for bias and distrust. Social media is surely (not suddenly) becoming the media of trust. WOM was always more credible.… Read More »


Missing the ‘TIP’ of a Tipping Point

The annual Pitch Madison Advertising Report is out and quite a few faces in media are smiling. It is a sunny forecast. Words people were waiting to hear. The euphoria is evident. The trust exists in the forecast. Like earlier PMARs, the industry is sure 2016 report will continue to accurate and directional. Then what… Read More »

Darwinian Evolution in Advertising

Tweet      Follow @s_kotnala Darwin’s Theory explains the evolution of living beings. It hints that we tend to discard and lose control of a skill or expertise if We rarely use it We are conditioned to think that it is of no use We find better alternatives Similarly, on the other end, we evolve, create,… Read More »

9 things helping Print in India

Tweet     Follow @s_kotnala Here is the good news for print that Sam Balsara presented at the recent Pitch Madison media projection. 1. Print is the largest media with some 42% plus overall share. 2. Difference between TV and Print has widened. 3. The growth in digital has come at the cost of TV more… Read More »

Pregnant BARC. Delivery Date unknown

Yesterday, the weather in Mumbai was cloudy with some areas reporting scattered rains. Inside the Nehru auditorium BARC’s promising session remained uneventful. The mystery hardly got resolved. What one heard were futuristic promises. With the IRS episode fresh in mind and BARC many months away from data release, this status update seemed more aimed at… Read More »

TRAI recommendations- no cause for celebration

The Minister of state for Information and Broadcasting, Prakash Javadekar is a man in hurry. By release of Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI) recommendation on Cross Media Ownership, we have once gain been shown a dream.  One day this may find its own destiny. Truth is that nothing has changed, the wheel of life… Read More »